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LifeWays Symphony

Corporate Wellness Programs for Human Employees

Outcomes-based  * Activities-focused


LifeWays Symphony is a San Diego-based corporate wellness provider with a creative flair.  We take advantage of the unique resources found within your local community to design our signature programs.

LifeWays Symphony builds wellness programs and events for corporate and non-profit clients.

Commercial office tenants, regardless of the number of employees, may also take advantage of corporate wellness offerings through our shared workplace wellness option.


Fun is on your employees’ minds!

San Diego is a great place to live and work!  We’ll show you how to incorporate the fun all around us into your corporate wellness program.  You’ll see beyond the obvious and mundane activities found in other wellness programs.


You want results, right?  Then focus on engagement!

No 4th grade worksheets or walks around the parking lot here!  Creativity rules the day in LifeWays Symphony campaign initiatives.  Imagine employees who come in to work each day, excited about their jobs, their employer, their lives, and the wellness program you provide.




 Our local, hands-on support model reinforces ongoing, active participation.

We DO Engagement

We provide targeted education and onsite health and wellness services that employees love.  Each campaign includes the tools they need to achieve their goals.  Our recommended activities and services are optimized for your company culture, as well as employee engagement preferences.

Support for You and Your Employees

You’ll benefit from the supportive relationships we build within and surrounding your organization.  We’re always quick to respond to your needs and those of your employees.   To further encourage engagement, we build co-worker support opportunities into all of our activities and campaigns.  Finally, the close relationships we maintain with our San Diego providers helps ensure you’re getting the quality and service you deserve.

It’s easy to get your corporate wellness program launched!

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